Sioux Narrows on a Summer Evening
Tomahawk Resort Ontario
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New for 2009

*What are the new requirements for 2009
[paul V 10-Mar-09, 08:55 PM, 3725x]

What are the new requirements for 2009
paul V
I hear that there are new regulatiions that are going into effect this year.

One is a Outdoors card or sommething like that we have to buy to buy a fishing Licence??????

If so how much is that and does everyonne in out party need to buy one?

Second, That we need to take a safe boating class? What is that composed of? and can it be done in the States prior to coming up? I also understanf that this will not go into effect until the fall of 2009?

Scott, I love the pictures of around the camp and those from the air. It is great seeing the places that we wait 51 weeks to be able to see once again.


paul v

RE: What are the new requirements for 2009 [Scott 10-Mar-09, 09:44 PM, 3741x]
RE: What are the new requirements for 2009
The only changes in the fishing licences for this year is that you will fill out the standard paper licence copy, then will fill out an application for an outdoors card. You will need to carry both pieces of paper with you (licence and temporary outdoors card), and then an actual card will be mailed to you. This card will be good for 3 years I believe, so next year you would bring the card back up with you and would only need to purchase a sticker for the card, rather than be filling out and carrying another paper copy. The additional cost for the card (good for 3 years) is $9 plus the regular licence fee.

As for operating a boat, you don't require a boaters licence if you are a non-Canadian resident visiting for less than 45 days and operating your own boat. So things should be the same as they have been before. If renting a boat, the operator doesn't need a boaters licence, but will have to sign and carry a copy of the rental agreement and checklist stating that they have been trained in navigation and the operation of the boat. These regulations aren't in effect yet, and can be changed before coming into place.

RE: RE: What are the new requirements for 2009 [paul v 12-Mar-09, 11:05 AM, 3660x]
RE: RE: What are the new requirements for 2009
paul v

thanks for getting me the right information. not as bad as it sounds from the 5th or 6 or so.......version.

I do have one other question. I see that you are going to the Edmonton Sport Show. How does one get there from your place? Train? Car I can see the road on the atlas? If by train. where does one catch it at and if you do not mind me asking what would that cost? We have talked about doing a rail trip to there but never did figure out where to catch the train at. My thought was to bring the boat, fish a week and store it with you, go to Edmonton BC and return spending another week with you before heading home once again. This would eliminate the guys and get the wife to come up once again.