2017 Ice out Contest Rules
31-Mar-17, 04:05 PM
Winter is finally starting to let go and things are beginning to melt. It is time for our 2017 Ice out Contest! Place your thoughts of when you think the ice is going to be off of Regina Bay and you could win a $50 Gift Certificate towards Tomahawk Resort wear. Simply place your entry on the bulletin board under 2017 Ice Out Contest, Entries must specify name, date and time. If you wish to change your entry after it has been posted, simply just post a new entry. The last entry you make before the deadline will be the only one accepted towards the draw. The person who chooses nearest to the date and time of the ice going off Regina Bay will be the winner. The draw is open to anyone and everyone so tell your family and friends to join the contest as well! Entries must be in before midnight April 15th, 2017. Click here to place your guess!

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