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*Border crossing
[Paul V 04-Jun-16, 09:11 PM, 3163x]

Border crossing
Paul V
Have not been up in several years. What has changed at the border? Potatoes? Onions? Chicken? Or?.... What about bringing a boat? So many laws have changed, just hate surprises. I do know to bring a pass port. Cell service??? Who works up there? Last time up it was not Att.

Thanks for the info

Paul v

RE: Border crossing [Peter A. 19-Jun-16, 04:34 PM, 3045x]
RE: Border crossing
Peter A.
Border crossing is easy, just don't bring a gun or pepper spray. i have not been asked about eggs, chicken, potatoes, or onions. limit your liquor and tobacco. I have Verizon and it works great, not sure what plan. Bringing a boat is no problem. come on and join the fun.